Audio: Draz – Unsoulful featuring Ant Redd

[Norfolk(OV),VA] The upcoming artist Draz brings us his latest single UNSOULFUL featuring Ant Redd. The track is not your ordinary sounding hip-hop track, I find it to be an experimental with some heavy metal. Pretty cool, it kinda sounded like a transformer at the beginning of the track. The artist use some type of auto-tune to really embrace the dark undertone to their message. UNSOULFUL was produced by SB95. The track talks about how they feel about the scene, drugs, and dealing with some problems. Be on the look out for more content from Draz and Ant Redd.


Audio: Da Rookiez – LMAO

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 5.08.06 PM[ATLANTA, GEORGIA] Da Rookiez are at it with their latest single titled LMAO. Have you ever laughed out loud and couldn’t contain yourself? Especially when its over peoples dumb shit. Da Rookiez consists of two brothers (Grant and Keon) who are originally from Portsmouth, Va. Both dealing with dramatic passes with traveling from home-to-home, witnessing drug and domestic abuse, losing their closest friends to gun violence, and even their cousin who was apart of Da Rookiez Tavarius Hall. The funky beat was produced by Trey Pound. LMAO is filled with lyrical and tricky play on words.



New Music: Nia Dinero – Super Nia

Nia Dinero Super Nia[WOODBRIDGE, VA] Newly Released Single SUPER NIA is from upcoming female rapper/singer Nia Dinero. Bringing us a style of uniqueness, cunning, and clever at what she does best, and that is RAP. SUPER NIA can be considered under a new genre of Hip-Pop. Nia Dinero hopes to inspire her audiences with her unprecedented flow compared to the interest of those who take to the seamless blends of rapping and singing. Her sound is a combination of Fergie, TLC, Missy Elliot, and Nicki Minjai. Nia Dinero also released a visual to this track view on VEVO Now. I think she’s pretty dope, can’t wait to hear future releases.
“When people hear me I want them to hear an artist, whether I rap or they hear me vocally, I want them to hear music.” -Nia Dinero



Music Video: Cane – Grassroots Tangent

This music video blew my mind! GRASSROOTS TANGENT by Cane, hip hop artist from Fredericksburg, VA. The track alone is captivating itself and the visulas were captured and edited by Mr. Fili. The beat was produced by Lou Burna. AMAZING! Cane’s flow on the track is clean and smooth. GRASSROOTS TANGENT relates to everything we’re going through.

“I want shows on the regular, MORDECAI”

Cane’s latest mixtape Appetizer For Destruction. The concept of the tape is to provide the fans a small taste of what’s in store. Destruction, Cane’s next album being the full course meal. Download below just click image.