The Officially Street Podcast: The Formation Proclamation || Hosted by @JayomegaSO and @SyerSO

We’re back for another episode of The Officially Street Podcast, and in honor of the estrogen filled week we’ve had-as well as it being days away from Valentines Day-they decided to bring Cherry Poppins back to the studio to help us discuss it all. We talk about the Superbowl half time show, Beyonce’s new surprise song, video, AND tour “Formation”, relationships, marriage, parenthood, and MUCH more! This is a pretty long episode, but we promise you, it’s worth every second!

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TV: The Walking Dead Returns on Valentine’s Day and New Promo Trailer

daryl-the-walking-deadIts set The Walking Dead is set to return on Valentine’s Day 2.14.16! AMC has released their official promo trailer. We see that things don’t end well as plan as you hear Rick saying “I was wrong” and you see them fighting off zombies in the middle of Alexandria. Maggie is screaming for Glenn and Daryl, Sasha, Abraham are being harassed by Negan’s men. I truly can’t stand when the group becomes divided, definitely builds up my anxiety because you just never know whose going down first.