[AUDIO] VC Da Menace – KING featuring Remy Knight

[BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA] Making his return on NikkiSiixx.com, we have hip-hop artist VC Da Menace with his latest single KING, featuring Remy Knight. VC Da Menace touches on topics about keeping a king’s mentality when handing issues, police brutality, and doing what you want with your life. Here’s a fact about VC Da Menace besides being an aspiring Artist, he can also produce a mean beat! VC is a SAE Miami Graduate. KING was actually produced by VC Da Menace himself! I really like the quality of the overall sound the track presents itself. And a pretty cool twist at the end giving it a bit of EDM. If you’re digging VC Da Menace you gotta stay in the loop and follow him on all his social media accounts.



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