Interview: Just Visions LLC


For this weeks segment, I decided to show love to someone who works behind the scenes in the music industry rather than the forefront. I feel that music producers, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, etc a lot of the times don’t get the recognition they deserve. So I asked myself,”Why not make this piece about someone who does it all”? I felt that Just Visions was the perfect candidate. But, instead of doing a write-up, I thought we’d all get to know Just Visions and his brand a little better in a brief Q&A. You can also checkout some of his work down below:

Q: What inspired you to pick up the camera?
A: My father took up photography as a hobby later on in life & left behind all his equipment & inspiration. So one day, I picked up his old Nikon D200 and was amazed how nice the pictures came out. A couple weeks went by, made some business cards and went to Club Living Room on South Beach when G Phill had that place on smash. I just took pictures of everyone, handed out my card, and posted them on Facebook. Next thing I know everyone was asking me, “How much”? It took off from there.

Q: What other services do you provide?
A: I mostly get inquires about photography (photo shoots, weddings, baby showers, kids events, club events) music videos, and V-logs. I don’t advertise but I also do graphic design and music production.

Q: Does Just Visions specialize in only music videos or can we expect a short film in the future?
A: I’m actually working on a featured film script to be shot in North Miami. I don’t really want to give to much away. We’re still putting the pieces together & building the right team in order to execute the vision.

Q: Where do you see Just Visions 5 years from now?
A: I hope I’m everywhere in 5 years! I would really like to expand Just Visions into a major production company based out of Miami, FL. I’d provide visual solutions from production to post production, high budget featured films, to working directly with major record labels shooting music videos.

Q: If you could summarize what Just Visions is all about in one sentence, what would it be?
A: Just Visions… It’s all on how you see it!




Interview: Young Wild Panda Productions

5287077_orig participated in CONTEST: So You Think You Can Make Music Videos? Ron Slyda x S.M.G x 8and9 x NikkiSiixx and Young Wild Panda won!! Young Wild Panda was able to shoot a video for Hip-Hop Artist Ron Slyda. They shot the video for COME ONE. Young Wild Panda won fear gear from 8and9 Clothing and this exclusive interview with So let’s get this started:

2b995fd561abb7570dc50310cadbd0261. How did you get into videography? – As a Panda cub, I have always felt the need to create. It all started way back in high school when I first started exploring the arts. I fell victim to a destructive graffiti career & decided to try other artistic outlets. I tried painting, skating and even rapping – it worked but I didn’t feel the passion for it. So about a year ago I began shooting, after I reunited with a close friend Julian Yuri, who’s a director as well. He taught me the ropes & the rest is history.

2. Where do you get your inspirations from? – Honestly each scenario is unique. Every video I shoot I listen to the song over and over and over and over, until I’ve not only mesmerized it but derived creative ideas and concepts for the video. I usually present a few options to the artist and we then go from there. If you haven’t seen my videos yet, each video is unique in its own form. Ron Slydas “Come On” has a more ratchet deep Miami poetic third eye Illuminati swag; I used Ron’s lyrics to come up with a subtle subliminal story line, with local performance shots. What makes this video unique is that I shot half of it in Full 1080 video, and the other half (when the beat flips) I shot it with stop motion photography. Enough explain just check it out!

3. What did you think of the song Ron SLYDA provided for the music video you shot? – FOCUS is an amazing track. We had good creative momentum but due to uncontrollable circumstances we couldn’t shoot the video. So we decided to shoot Come On. To be honest i liked the song better, my chakra was in full effect while listening to it.

4. Were you able to have full Creativity on the project? – For the most part yes, Ron & I chilled a lot before the shoot; My buddy (who plays the cop role in the video) @ObiKusheKenobi joined us in these meetings which included but weren’t limited to; plotting, drinking, brainstorming, drinking, laughing, drinking, building, drinking, finalizing, drinking, executing and yes.. you guessed it, drinking. LOL He’s not called the Poetic Drunk for being sober ya dig???

5. How was it working for Ron SLYDA? Would you work with him again in the near future? – It was quite an exprience, Ron is a funny, creative, wild but humble dude. We work fluently together and for the most part have the same intention. CRAFT | DOPE SHIT. We are working together and have some dope shit planned for the future. Ron put myself and my mentee @LukeTaleno into SMG, and we are currently in the brainstorming, drinking, etc phase for his next video. LOL

6. What other projects are you currently working on? – Since Ron Slydas video, I dropped about 4 videos. You can find them on Youtube; But this month im wrapping up Minnesota’s; DeSean P’s- Touch Your Soul. Also, just finished shooting my mentees @LukeTaleno next music video, Day Of The Dead. A lot of good stuff coming your way!

7. Any Last words

First and foremost I wanna say thank you for anyone who takes the time to read this. I want to give a special shout to Nikki Siixx for not only supporting me, but building a foundation for underground artists in Miami to strive on. I also want to give my team a shout out; Julian Yuri, ObiKushKenobi, Sophibomb, Luke Taleno, Ron Slyda, Kemz83, Ali, TMED, Mari Pintado, Roc Sol, BSC, SMG!


CONTEST: So You Think You Can Make Music Videos? Ron Slyda x S.M.G x 8and9 x NikkiSiixx


Are you trying to get into the industry but feel you don’t have connections? Tired of working with an artist with no buzz or talent? Got excellent ideas and original style but no way to get it out? Want to be able to see the industry through VIP LENS?

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Ron Slyda is a Hip Hop Artist in Miami
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