[MUSIC VIDEO] Tate Kobang – Ain’t A Damn Thing Change featuring Aaron LaCrate

Baltimore’s Tate Kobang is on a roll this year. After starting 2016 releasing “Oh My” as the follow up to his 2015 smash “Bankrolls” he went on to multiple successful sets at various SXSW showcases. Now he’s back with his latest visual featuring Aaron LaCrate for “Ain’t A Damn Thing Change”. Tate skated skated over the trip 808 heavy production in his normal fashion. The video has a slightly eerie feel that matches the feel of the production. Check it out below.

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Miami’s own YD, also known as the Overtown Ambassador, took on the B.G. (of the Hot Boys) classic “Cash Money Is An Army” on his latest video release. He kept his verse true to his Miami roots with lyrics like “I done it all, I sold weed I sold hard/ Got my ‘drobe from them Burdines babies, fuck the mall/”.

As he’s breezing through the verse you see him in the streets of overtown connecting with his neighbors. YD shows how witty he can be with quotables like “just got a block I’m bout to break it down to Marshall Faulks”. This is a great way to hold the fans attention while he’s currently working on Murder In Miami & Overtown Ambassador 3. Check out the video below and look for what he has coming next.

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Music Video Show: Rap Show Weekly EP 1 featuring Alex Aff

Check it out this dope Podcast brought to you by Digital Coup Media with RAP SHOW WEEKLY EP 1. This episode they feature Alex Aff, Dreezy, Larry June, Kid Art & V. Cha$e, Royce Rizzy, Famous Kid Brick, and Zip K. RAP SHOW WEEKLY is all about bringing new music videos and documentary style interviews. I really like how the whole show is put together. Shoutout to Clint Easthood, for editing and making it look really fresh with the effects and presentation.

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Music Video: Don Rodgers – Flight School

Check out the latest visuals from Minnesota artists Don Rodgers with FLIGHT SCHOOL. Currently Don Rodgers relocated to Miami, Florida. FLIGHT SCHOOL is off of Don Rodgers’ debut mixtape called BCDR – (The Becoming of Don Rodgers). The video wasn’t too much.. it fit right with Don Rodgers vibe. Laid-back and story-telling. It literally feels like Don is speaking to the listener through the video/music. With different backgrounds, with a main overlay with different scenes of Don on a balcony, or in a room. Besides the visuals, production by Krazy Phresh, nailed it too! If you like what you hear and see. You should definitely take a look at Don Rodgers’ social media outlets for his latest updates. Especially, don’t forget to download BCDR via Datpiff. The 14-dope track mixtape, hosted by DJ Sylent (Ace Hood’s official tour DJ) and presented by Valholla Entertainment.

Directed by @Valholla
Location @BleuOdin Studios


Music Video: Beautiful Struggle – Bounce featuring Jaybo

Check out the latest visual from Miami’s own Beautiful Struggle with BOUNCE. This video was mad dope. Shout out to YoungWildPanda for an amazing video. The shots being in different locations for each of the members Ali, T-Med, and Chris Syms. Also, the featured artist on the track Jaybo. Driving around Miami, Florida cruising and chillin’ with the boys. Love! The earthquake shake on specific parts, when the eerie/trance sound comes on. The vibe of the track definitely fits well at a club setting and dope production by Exel The Future.

If you’re not familiar with this track, you’re missing out. BOUNCE is off they’re LP Life As We Know It. I’ve written an LP Review on the project you should check it out HERE


Music Video: Flight School Preps – Workin’ featuring Lil Champ Fway

The first official single from Flight School Preps titled WORKIN‘, featuring Lil Champ Fway. The track definitely provides motivation for anything you’re working hard at. From working out to stay fit for the football team, studying to pass the test, working hard at you’re job either cutting grass or fixing cars. The video demonstrates all these different scenarios enabling them to be relevant to the viewer. If you’re diggin’ the track as much as I do, you should download the album: BLACKMARKETED

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Video Directed By BloodIsBond Films: @SlimTheCoolKid x @RealSoulRebel

Music Video: TreHill – Verified

Check out the latest music video from upcoming Tenessee artist and Amateur Skateboarder TreHill with “Verified”. Usually, I don’t post content from young artist but TreHill caught my attention with his delivery and style. The video takes place at a skatepark, everyone is doing tricks and I really like the fisheye lense effect with some of the shots. Verified was shot by Kiddo. Verified is off of the “Tre Mountain EP,” which can be DOWNLOADED HERE. With working hard and persurverience, I can definitely see TreHill getting somewhere with his career. It might not be now, but I know for sure when he gains more experience he will one day be verified.

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Visuals by Kiddo- @kiddo0
Produced by: Mastamind
Presented by: FortuneCookieCo and The Boardshop.

Music Video: Jason James & Rodney Hazard – This Is My Rifle

THIS IS MY RIFLE a music video from Jason James and Rodney Hazard. The videos concept explores a possible future where average citizens become vigilantes and serve justice to the corrupt members of society. Check out the guys wearing the infamous V for Vendetta mask. Which also gets affiliated with the Anonymous Hacktivist Group. But Jason James and Rodney Hazard make it clear at the beginning of the video they aren’t affiliated. The visuals are pretty dope! They boys stated that they were filming for a complete 16 hour shoot in one day.

THIS IS MY RIFLE is on their sophomore album Pyramids In Stereo. The twelve track album is a must download. Don’t forget to click on the cover art below to get your own copy!


Music Video: Trademark Aaron – Faith Feat. Koren Jackson

FAITH was recently released from Kentucky hip-hop artist Trademark Aaron. The track can relate to us all who are going through the worst. Still hoping and having FAITH that things will eventually lighten up. From losing his job and getting an eviction. We always need to give our all, because you have no idea where you’ll be the next day.

FAITH is the first single off the upcoming For The People EP produced by DJ Corbett. Featuring Koren Jackson for the chorus. Love her voice, it really does complement the beat and the concept of the track.

I feel your pain
Don’t runaway
Cause we need to shelter ourselves from the rain
Don’t be ashamed
There’s brighter days
You’ll find a way
You just gotta have FAITH


Freestyle Friday: K.ris R.aps & Street Inkz- Basquiat Bars Freestyle


When I saw the title of this song I automatically thought this must be a dope song with plenty of visual filled bars. Jean-Michel Basquiat was one of the first graffiti artists to transition into having artwork in gallery so by his name being used in the title this song had to be great. K.ris R.aps & Street Inkz certainly did not disappoint as they trade bars about their own form of art. K.ris put his bars together in a strategic matter like a rubix cube.

My favorite part of his verse was “flipping birds like magic, you fucking with David Blaine”. I pictured Magic Johnson and Larry Bird going at it in the 1980s, David Blaine doing a trick with birds and a witty way of saying he distributes kilos of coke. Street Inkz came with a mission starting his verse by saying “Lyric Picasso, paint pictures, my flow is art”. He continued touching on everything from how he was crafted into rhymer he is to the current molly epidemic.

They also made a video that is just as suiting as the song itself. Check it out below:

Connect with K.ris R.aps & Street Inkz online: KrisRapsBetterKrisRapsBetter.bandcamp.comVMSMusicreverbnation.com/vmsmusic

Music Video: Worth Whyle f. Marly & Hubbs- Forever True

Worth Whyle of Pittsburgh, PA video for “Forever True” is superb. The track already starts out catching your attention by sampling some of the greatest hip-hop artists known from Common to Nas. In the video a numark turntable is shown to capture that true hip-hop feel. Marly spits some ill lyric that show his love for this art form as he goes through his city. Hubbs does the same and actually is the reason I found out the production was done by well known Taylor Gang affiliate Big Jerm. Worth Whyle chose the perfect position as the anchor on his song. He brought the track full circle like Usain Bolt on a track with his story telling skills and solid ending. This song and video were so good that I downloaded and added it to my iTunes. Check out the video below.

Connect with Worth Whyle online: worthwhylemusic.comwww.youtube.com/worthwhylemusictwitter.com/worthwhylewww.facebook.com/worthwhylefanpage

Music Video: Provy Suflayy X Rachel Schryvers- A Star Burnin’ Brite

This was honestly something that I wasn’t expecting but am extremely glad that I heard it. A hip-hop artist and folk/country artist making a song about peace isn’t the norm. I was highly impressed by both the simplicity of the the video and the message in the music. Provy and Rachel shot the video in New Zealand and you see them recording the song as well as exploring through the city and mingling with civilians. This video is a must watch and the song is definitely worth downloading. Check out the video below

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Music Video: Mr. MacDonald – Champagne in the Throne Room

Mr. MacDonald turns this visual into a short film right from the beginning. It starts off with him in the snow tied up with a bag over his head. The way he set it up made me feel like I didn’t know whether I was in a good dream or a dark nightmare. Reminds me of the feeling I got the first time I watched A$AP Rocky’s video for “Wassup”. The song has a dark feel production wise and Mr. MacDonald touches on typical musical topics such as love, money, drive, etc. from his point of view. Overall the concept was crazy and I enjoyed it. Check out the video below

Connect with Mr. MacDonald online: www.whoismrmac.comhttp://www.facebook.com/TheRealMrMachttp://www.youtube.com/AllstarTWesthttp://www.twitter.com/TheRealMrMac

Music Video: Will T- Esoteric Knowledge

Will T dropped his visual for his song “Esoteric Knowledge” which is a cool black and white video. To start I think I should define what esoteric knowledge is for those that may not know. Esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is restricted to a small group.  That being said, this video captures that meaning and the essence of the song completely. The production of the song was done by Wesley Wright who produced majority of Will T’s new project, also entitled Esoteric Knowledge.

This track is powerful with a visual that shows some restricted groups where a certain style of knowledge like that taught by the ku klux klan and black panther party is shown. Will T spends a good amount of this video in a library which I thought was brillient since he’s speaking on a type of knowledge that is on limited to small groups. Watch the video below and check out the entire Esoteric Knowledge project.

Contact Will T online –@dothewillteaYoutube

Music Video: Shottie – Soda Popinski

Check out the latest music video from Shottie SODA POPINSKI. Shottie is always involved in some crazy scenarios in his music video. This time Shottie was kidnapped by two badass chicks. Shottie spits his verse on a chair while the girls start taking all his possessions. Removing his chains, rings, and taunt him since they’re armed with a knife & a gun. SODA POPINSKI was mixed, mastered, and produced by TeV95.

Directed, Shot, & Edited by: Shottie & TeV95
Starring: Shottie, Candice Freshko, & Tinky Paulla
Grip & Lighting by: Nadav

Smells Like Holy Spirit a 6 track EP by Shottie & TeV95 is now available: HERE


Video: Vito – Airbags: Revealed Chapter II

Check out the latest visual from Vito AIRBAGS: Revealed Chapter II. Vito is dropping his upcoming project Airbags on 9/11! During Chapter II Vito discusses his influences and what does STILL ALIVE & FREE really mean! If your not familiar with him you should definitely check out his track DO OR DIE

AIRBAGS is set to drop on the 11 year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks, an emotional day for millions of Americans. When asked why he chose such a sensitive day for his album release Vito explained “9/11 for me signifies turning tragedy to triumph and the resilience of the human spirit, Airbags is like my victory speech”

Music Video: CHIZE of SilentHand- Preach

CHIZE of Silent Hand released his debut music video titled PREACH. The track is regarding lessons learned from his Mom and situations he dealt with along the way. The video takes place in the studio, while he gets ready before heading out. At the end of the video you see Chize in color compared to early when he was in Black and White. This lead me to believe there’s a second video in the works. Hope so!


Music Video: Rachel Claudio – Dissertation RMX

Check out the lovely Rachel Claudio’s latest visual DISSERTATION RMX. An Australian female singer/emcee/producer that has a talent! I love her voice, it really provides a smooth soul music, and the video is incredible. The video was filmed & animated by Francis Cutter (Paris, France) Franciscutter.com.

Rachel really has established herself as an artist overseas! She has either collaborated with, written for & featured for; King Britt (Digable Planets, Syl130), Steve McKie (Bilal, Jill Scott), Erik Rico (Tupac Shakur) or The Union (Elzhi, MF Doom, Talib Kweli). She’s opened for a heap of artists, including Bilal, Raheem DeVaughn, The Roots & Common (Parisian Block Party) & holds her own as an international solo touring artist.

Noun: A long essay on a particular subject, esp. one written as a requirement for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

C.L AUDIOTAPE – “A whole mess of original rhyme, tunes & prod in amongst old pop/rock covers sitting jauntily on the most unsuspecting of hip hop beats