[BEAT TAPE REVIEW] Scott Verity – Committed To Consistency

[VERMONT] Making his debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Scout Verity a talented producer and creative. He’s bringing us today his beat tape Committed to Consistency. The three beat EP bringing you a mix of South and East Coast vibes. Not only does Scout Verity make some sweet beats, he is also a creative. By creating his own video blog series ‘What About Scout?’. You get a glimpse into his rural small-town lifestyle. And how he pursues his career to becoming a full-time producer and creating beats for his catalog. Scott Verity is dedicated to his journey and will be releasing a weekly offering from a visual to his blog and a beat tape to go with it. Expect the new-new every Friday. Take a look at Episode One: (This episode also inspired Committed to Consistency)

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-12-22-15-pm[MEAL TICKET] One thing I really like about this beat, is giving me the sense of old school O-Town vibes. Southern hospitality at it’s finest. I can see the likes of Curren$y rapping to this. This beat definitely has some good vibrations on this.

[TWO FORTY-ONE AM] This beat for some reason reminds me of the Dave Chapelle show. When he’ll walk out on stage… The beat provides those night time vibes, I can see Wiz Khalifa rapping to this one. I really like the sound of flute, gives it a bit of foreign style to it.

[WEAKEST LINK] This beat comes with the heavy bass and soft tones. It’s a beat thats bit on the slow paced. I found it hard to pick up who would fit great with this beat, but that doesn’t mean this beat wouldn’t fit anyone.

Committed to Consistency is available for download at www.scoutveritybeats.com/freebeattape. This concludes my review on Scott Verity’s Committed to Consistency Beat Tape. What would be your favorite beat off this beat tape? For me, my favorite has to be MEAL TICKET. If you’re liking what you’re hearing and interested in working with Scott Verity make sure you link up with him by following all his social media links below:

Twitter: @Scout_Verity
Instagram: @ScoutVerity
SnapChat: @ScoutVerity
Facebook: Scout Verity
Youtube: Scout Verity


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Visual: Art Morera Vlog – Cut & Scratch Live and Curren$y Show

UPDATE: On December 17th, 2013 he opened up for Curren$y at Grand Central, Downtown Miami. Prior to the show, Art was interviewed by DJ Radamas on the Cut & Scratch Live! Finale web-show. The song Art’s performing is called “ON DECK” you can find that track on his EP “Morera” via iTUNES.

Stayed tuned for Art Morera’s Upcoming Full Length ALBUM “Around Midnight” which will be available on 01/12/2014 via iTunes! Don’t miss out!


*NikkiSiixx.com was able to gain access to the Curren$y show and it was amazing. So many people came out to support the JetLife Movement*

Video: Rachel Claudio – C.L.Audio Diary

Check out the in-depth video of what Rachel Claudio has been through. Rachel narrates throughout the video. View the perspective of an independent international artist. She explains the troubles of not having the finances, traveling town to town performing at local venues, and chasing her dream of becoming an artists.

Spreading her love through her music and performing live in front of thousands. Rachel has performed in Paris-Montpelier/France, Benadalid/Spain, Batumi/Georgia, Lahore/Pakistan, Vilnius/Lithuania, New York-Philadelphia-/USA, Sao Paolo/Brazil, Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia, and Perth/Western Australia.

An Australian female singer/emcee/producer that has a talent! I love her voice, it really provides a smooth soul music. –NikkiSiixx


Video: Art Morera VLOG – Show at Club Eve

Check out the latest video VLOG from Art Morera. He discusses Miami’s Music Scene and it’s hip-hop history. I really like how the whole video sums up the entire night with great audio documentary over the clips. Pretty dope you get to learn a little bit more on Art. Feels like your watching a mini-movie.

Don’t forget to download his latest project the Arthur EP