[UPCOMING EVENT] 7/16 – #PokeWalkMiami in Wynwood then Afterparty at Coyo Taco

The First PokeWalk Ever!
Brought to you by @NormaNow and @See_Fig.
Its time to grab your trainer bag & a buddy because we’re taking the quest to the streets of Wynwood!

In our quest to become the ultimate Pokemon master, we’re walking the steets of Wynwood to look for wild Pokemon and we want you to join! So grab your Pokeballs and a friend and meet us – the central meet up spot will be annouced soon and we will explore the streets of Wynwood together. Lets show the world how dedicated we are and level up! Afterwards, we’ll meet back up and grab some drinks at Coyo Taco Wynwood and show off out Pokedex’s & party.
See ya then! I already RSVP! You should too! Let’s catch them all!


#SmaktastikReview: Comrade – Walk With Me


Yaaaaow Nikkisiixxers!

No matter what day it is…it’s always the perfect day for music. So that must make this the perfect blog, me and Nikki…well..the perfect bloggers and Comrade’s “Walk With me” the perfect record.

Comrade, born in PG County MD and raised in Baltimore City, brings us a piece that’s not only inspirational but motivational. One can expect nothing less from a devout agent of change and social freedoms who just happens to be quite adept with a pencil and notepad. I listened to the “Walk With Me” record at least 20 times in one sitting. I then took my Dre Beats off (you know nothing else graces my ears but the Dres!) and felt like it was my duty to pursue my dream of becoming some kind of superhero. You know that look you get when you happen upon a great realization??

I had that!

In all seriousness though, Comrade brings us a song of empowerment and a testament of drive and determination. The hook couldn’t be more powerful.
“So please dont stand in my way. I know where I’m supposed to be. I hope yall’ walk with me. I hope yall’ walk with me”
He pleads that instead of becoming an obstacle, we become a support system. I just gotta’ say … I was convinced. I am now officially a Comrade fan.

The visuals on the song suits the concept perfectly. It shows Comrade in the middle of nowhere just performing. No distractions. Just him and a message. I don’t know who directed/edited the video but kudos to you guys!

From the energy of the delivery, the visuals of the video, the amazing acoustical production to the positive yet powerful message, Comrade has connected on all fronts. I urge you guys to check this record out. Thank me later.

You’re welcome!


“Mind over matter. Nothing else matters.Your boy so focused I’m rhyming over the chatter.//
I stood tall in places where most men would scatter. They reinventing the wheel I’m extending the ladder//”


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