[Nikki Hears It First] KB The General “She Don’t Smoke” Episode Eight

We got a new episode of Nikki Hears It First! Where I film my reaction to hearing a new track or watching a music video from an indie artist. This time on my eighth episode, I’m watching Hip-Hop Artist KB The General with his music video “She Don’t Smoke”. Take a look at what I thought about it and I would love to hear what you guys think about the track/visual!





Music Video: Grindstone and Bomani Armah – Black Stuff

Grindstone and Bomani Armah black stuff[Washington, DC, via Oakland, California] Grindstone and Bomani Armah brings us their latest visual to BLACK STUFF. This track comes at you like a speeding bullet, both Grindstone and Bomani Armah have really fast flows. Make sure you catch the lyrical narrative about black culture. You can even say this is their take on revolutionary rap. They hit hard topics like high real estate prices, online media exposing the worse, and death from police brutality. The production and flow really make this something fun to listen to, even though they touch on real hard topics. The visual presents a cutting-edge graphics that bring their song BLACK STUFF to life. Grindstone and Bomani Armah are letting you in to the multi-faceted world of Black people in America. [LINKS] WEBSITE || FACEBOOK || TWITTER ||


Music Video: Smiley-D (Valentine’s Day Song) Box of Chocolates

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 3.29.48 PM[SEATTLE, WASHINGTON] SMILEY-D a hip-hop artist who is also the founder of Tats & Scars Music Entertainment. This time SMILEY-D was inspired by Forest Gump’s Quote “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get”. And created alongside Director Jacob Hill, SMILEY-D bring his visual to life with BOX OF CHOCOLATES. Don’t be intrigued with how SMILEY-D looks in his video, he has worked with artists like Philthy Rich, Sha Sha Jones, MTV Riff Raff, Jessica Domingo, and Theory Hazit. Smiley-D is now very active in the community and teaching young kids the art of hip hop music. BOX OF CHOCOLATES was produced by Flawless Tracks. During the video, SMILEY-D is working up the strength to ask a beautiful woman on a date. Throughout the visual you see him make his attempts. Will he finally build up the courage to ask a woman on a date? Watch BOX OF CHOCOLATES to see what happens with SMILEY-D.

Audio: Fly Rebel Society – Rebels


Fly Rebel Society was previously featured on NikkiSiixx by PedroSmatastik with his review on Tokyo Towers and All Night. This time we’re featuring audio that didn’t make it on The FRESH Effort. Fly Rebel Society is a group of 5 artists who represent Washington, D.C. I felt this song was a feel good joint. You can bounce to this at a house party and enjoy living life. Follow Fly Rebel Society Movement by clicking links below.



New Music: Furyus – Electrify featuring Ms Lu

Furyus ft. Ms. Lu – Electrify by Furyus
Furyus has been signed to NVE Records since March 2010 and has released his debut single Electrify featuring Ms Lu, off of his album My Thoughts. Furyus is an artist from Washington D.C. Filled with talent as a rapper, songwriter, and producer. This song I can really see it playing in the club. Electrify has been featured overseas on UK Magazine, US Hip Hop Magazine, WWS, and Bigfanbase.com. To view more on Furyus please follow him on twitter at CLICK HERE