[AUDIO] RoXxy Montana – Way Too Good featuring Sage The Gemini


[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Making their debut on NikkiSiixx.com, we have Pop Sister Trio RoXxy Montana with their single WAY TOO GOOD. If you’re dealing with a relationship that you felt unappreciated and knew you’re way too good to deal with that significant other then here’s the track for you. On this track RoXxy Montana features rapper Sage The Gemini. WAY TOO GOOD was written and vocally produced by Fifth Harmony writer Breana Marin, with mixing & mastering engineer by T.I and Kelly Rowland’s producer Marshall Bryant, and produced by Vocirus. These ladies can sing!! Really diggin’ their harmonies just like their were all one voice. Make sure you stay tuned for more content from RoXxy Montana by taking a look at the link below.