Upcoming Event: 04.30 – HOMEROOM Open Mic at Propaganda

Welcoming all spoken word poets, vocalists, emcees, performing artists and lovers & students of Hip Hop culture and a passion for cultivating our area’s art/independent culture. Ready your rhyme books and join us, for the our open mic showcase/networking event & creative community assembly.

Funks provided by STKMUP

Special guests performances: Noah Caine, Wishlade

We’re hard at work to combat the idea that Spoken Word, though we love dim-lit coffee houses, berets, and incense burning, is solely defined by them. We’re expressionists, and our sole mission is to unify the community of expressionists in Palm Beach and South Florida.

+ Doors open at 8pm, performances promptly starting at 9:30.

+ Half-off cover, list-sign up, and Happy Hour before 10pm.

+ + Here’s how to sign-up to perform: CLICK HERE

+ + + Visit us at TUMBLR / twitter: @thehomeroom / Like us: FACEBOOK


Instrumental LP: Wishlade – You Don’t Care A Bit

you don't care a bit
This nostalgic trip South Florida Producer Wishlade takes us on through the You Don’t Care A Bit Instrumental LP. Just listening to the production alone was a journey of it’s own. Only can imagine what a talented artists can do with this. The title of this LP really puts you in that state of mind when you’re listening. Experience You Don’t Care A Bit by pressing PLAY!

For this album, I wanted to step out the shadows of the vocal artist and tell my own story through soundscapes & crazy drums. imageI feel like I needed to have full creative control and make something I felt proud of. The premise of the album is purity. Staying true to yourself and your art despite the distractions, vanity, and influences that tell you to run the rat race or put anything but the love of the culture at the forefront.

EMAIL: wishladeproductions@gmail.com / twitter.com/wishlade_ / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK