Music Video : Loyal Duce feat. Fameschool Telli – Finesse

unnamedThis new visual from Loyal Duce featuring the homie Fameschool Telli is the video for you if you are looking for a quick dose of finesse in your system. Representing Bed-Stuy, Loyal Duce is using his city for a back drop as well as his playground. Money, women, drinks, drugs are the tools of use you’ll see throughout the video as from shot to shot the finesse’n taking place never lacks. If you’re not too distracted by the party favors, you may notice a couple cameos such as Manolo Rose (Run Ricky Run) and another towards the video’s conclusion that I’ll let you find for yourself. With the backing of Fools Gold and his affiliations of the Fame School/ Concrete Rose camps, Loyal Duce could be a name we have to get used to seeing. If he keeps the finesse up, it’ll be great to watch. [LINKS] SOUNDCLOUD || TWITTER || INSTAGRAM ||


Music Video: B2DADOT – Everything Foreign

Check out the latest music video from B2DADOT with EVERYTHING FOREIGN. B2DADOT takes us to a place where they appreciate the finer things in life. Especially when everything is foreign. Ranging from clothes, whips, and even his women. Dope visual by STAR MADE FILMS. They were able to maintain that foreign vibe from the locations to even B2DADOT’s clothing. Also check out this mini interview I did with B2DADOT this pass December at Blogfest 2014 VIEW HERE. Don’t forget to follow B2DADOT on his social media: WEBSITETWITTERFACEBOOKINSTAGRAM

The AWKWORD – Approved Female Rappers List


My daughters were listening to Kesha, Nicki and Iggy… So I showed them Roxanne Shante, MC Lyte, Debbie Harry, Nefertiti, Foxy Brown and Lauryn Hill, and I presented them with The AWKWORD-Approved Female Rappers List. It features women killing it on the mic right now. – @AwkwordRap

To me, there is nothing more important than showing my girls that women — and especially famous women — can be powerful, strong, creative and intelligent. To be successful, you don’t need a big ass or big tits, you don’t need to sell yourself; you can be you and be brave, like men get to be without thinking twice. My mom made me this way. Janis Joplin made me this way. Aretha Franklin made me this way. Maya Angelou made me this way.

There is a bad stereotype (perpetuated by my very own 100% for-charity World View album, which, admittedly, features only one woman, on the bonus disc) that there aren’t many talented female emcees. The fact is, they just get marginalized — even more than do independent, intelligent male rappers. There are many women out there who aren’t just ill female rappers but ill rappers period. Nicki Minaj herself was one of the top lady emcees outta New York before she flipped her shit. And who could blame her? It means double platinum, super stardom.

Yeah, nearly any of the women below could sell her soul, but I doubt it… So, here are my top 20, as emailed to my little girls.

1) Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy )

2) Rah Digga (@therealrahdigga)

3) Rapsody (@rapsodymusic)

4) Nitty Scott, MC (@NittyScottMC)

5) Mary Magdalan (@marymagdalan)

6) Boog Brown (@BoogBrown)

7) 3D Na’Tee (@3DNATEE)

8) Psalm One (@PsalmOne)

9) L.A. (@UCanCallmeLA)

10) Invincible (@invincibleDET)

11) Eternia (@therealEternia)

12) StaHHr (@stahhr)

13) Snow Tha Product (@SnowThaProduct)

14) Signif (@SigNif)

15) Raven Sorvino (@RavenSorvino)

16) Sasha Go Hard (@SASHA_DARAPPER)

17) Chippy Nonstop (@chippy_nonstop)

18) Audra The Rapper (@AudraTheRapper)

19) RA the MC (@RAtheMC)

20) Dutch Rebelle (@DutchReBelleFN)

Rap Singer. Activist. Sociologist. Gonzo Journalist.
NYC x Upstate NY x Worldwide

New Music: Signif – You’re Beautiful

Signif is an emcee from Milwaukee, WI, but she currently resides in New York City. In her latest song, “You’re Beautiful” Signif paints a vivid picture lyrically of what makes women beautiful from her perspective. The song features soulful vocals from French soul artist Aldrick. The song’s groovy production is credited to producer Tay Lee. This uplifting sound, is not unordinary to hear from Signif. Throughout her discography Signif educates, while promoting unity and love.
Signif new album Friction is schedule for release this August 2014. Friction will include featured songs with Elzhi, Sadat-X and production from Skeff Anselm.
Links: Facebook | Twitter

Music Video: Crxcxdile – Ciassou featuring MTFR

Check out the latest music video from Crxcxdile CIASSOU featuring MTFR. This video is very dark. While Crxcxdile and MTFR are at a table in the middle of nowhere with four women. Empty plates and tall glasses with red fluid in them. All of a sudden, one of the girls gets real mad with another. Then all hell breaks loose and they start breaking everything on the table. Then all the girls start running towards an abandoned location where they take one as a sacrifice to the unknown. Thought the track was dope and the visuals too. CIASSOU was directed by Fxrbes.



New Music: SiR B – What You Want

Sir B Cover

Audio Engineer SiR B from California is also a hip-hop artist. His released this track called WHAT YOU WANT It’s metaphoric lyricism about situations with women, their relationships and dealing with life as an aspiring artist. “Late nights with the ladies got me thinkin bout my latest Bih/ Monsters I’ve created and the creatures I’ve debated with/” WHAT YOU WANT has a club vibe to it, definitely a dope track.

Sir B one day dreams of branching off of his music and building an artistic brand of his own benefitting artist who aren’t fortunate enough to be acknowledged due to life’s circumstances. He believes in challenging mediocrity. He believes in thinking differently. He believes in creativity beyond the social and current cliché’s.


Music Video: Frantz Mza – Black Friday featuring Luni Lovin

BLACK FRIDAY is a track from Frantz MZA‘s Mixtape Everything’s For Sale, featuring his fellow misfit Luni Lovin. I’m really feelin’ this song and I’ve seen it performed live as well. Even though it’s title is based off the day Friday, but when I hear this track on any other day it sure makes it an automatic Friday.

Frantz is inviting everyone over to party at his crib with drinks, blunts, and women. Everyone is having fun and definitely portrays it in the video. Really love this song! Too catchy and by mid-way of the song you already know the hook! The video was shot by SosaSupreme and the beat produced by Frantz MZA and co-produced by Aja.

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