[Video Games]: Halo Wars 2 – First Impression

It wasn’t a certainty that Halo Wars would get a sequel, but fans of the original can rejoice since Halo Wars 2 is looking to expand on the concepts of the original.

I got some hands on time with the multiplayer beta test for this game and did a 10 minute video with some narration. Click on it above in order to see how the game plays and see my initial impression of it.

Pumping out units and upgrading structures is pretty streamlined.

Pumping out units and upgrading structures is pretty streamlined.

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[Gamer Time] – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan

Platinum Games is known for dropping hits so, after hearing that they were picking up the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles license, there was cause for celebration. Following on the heels of the excellent Transformers: Devastation (reviewed here) the game seemed poised for success.

Early footage made it look like it was going to mimic Transformers in a lot of ways. Something about how the characters moved and the way combos linked made it seem like the only difference was that the turtles didn’t transform. Luckily, that isn’t the case and this game has a unique style of its own. Action is fluid and fun, but there are points where you can tell Platinum Games was just working on too much stuff at once.

You ever ran up on a helicopter before?

You ever ran up on a helicopter before?

The usual Platinum Games polish is missing from this title and at times it was reminiscent of the studio’s notably lackluster Legend of Korra game. It’s easy to point the finger and say they didn’t try that hard since it’s just a quick cash-grab licensed title, but with how well their other licensed games have turned out, that would be wrong. Mutants in Manhattan definitely has a lot going for it so the initial negative reviews shouldn’t be taken as gospel.

You definitely want that Warp Dash on point for the boss fights.

You definitely want that Warp Dash on point for the boss fights.

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Videogames: LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Reveals the Game’s Open World

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 3.46.38 PMHow dope is this? If you’re into the LEGO franchised, next year we have LEGO Marvel’s Avengers! Featuring playable content from The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: The First Avenger, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And the worlds are open and you can go anywhere on the map, to freely roam and explore. Brand new characters and gameplay mechanics to utilize while adventuring through the sprawling concrete jungle. Super jump off skyscrapers with Hulk, use Quicksilver to speed run over water or even play as giant characters like menacing Fing Fang Foom who can grow to the size of buildings. LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC on January 26.


Videogames: Playstation Experience 2015 Reveals Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer/GamePlay

I’m seriously about to cry! The excitement that takes over me as I watch the official Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer with Gameplay footage! This gives me goosebumps considering now the game will have voices for the characters and its more interactive! The battle scenes remind me of Kingdom Hearts, and Cloud’s moves look insane!

final-fantasy-vii-remake-gameplayYou even catch in the trailer you’re playing as Barret too? It seems to be you’ll be able to switch over to other character during game play which reminds me of Final Fantasy XII. Final Fantasy VII Remake is what every RPG player is waiting for. The right way to play a classic is with a remake that surpasses the original format and imagery. It also seems to me they used the same guy Takahiro Sakurai to voice Cloud. Back in Final Fantasy VII Advent Children CGI Film, which is also epic as well!

Now, I’m just waiting for a release date! It should be 2016, I’m hoping its next year! Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available on the PS4 and than the Xbox One.


Videogames: Mirrors Edge 2 – Catalyst Trailer Premiered at E3 2015

icFAVp8uCDw0ZMirror’s Edge Catalyst is the official title of Mirrors Edge 2 and, surprise, it’s not a straight sequel but instead a prequel that tells Faith’s origin story. This is it! When I played the first part of Mirror’s Edge I was in love with this game. The way they programmed it to make it seem like you’re the one doing all the parkour stuff. I was able to complete the game and was pretty stoked to hear it’s making a comeback next year February 23rd! In the trailer we see what appears to be government take over and it’s all up to Faith to save the world. Voice narrates: “Personal Freedom Comes At A Price. Be wary of policy brokers in our mist…” Can she do it? Electronic Arts (EA) later confirmed that the game will be on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You’ll have fluid movements & combat in first person. You’re able to go all over the city, instead of sticking to paths and an in-depth look to Faith’s Origin Story. This is going to be insane.


Videogames: BATMAN Arkham Knight Exclusive Harley Quinn and Red Hood Story Modes

Whenever anything new comes from the BATMAN Series I always have to check it out. This time around the Batman Arkham Videogame series is coming to it’s exclusive Arkham Knight. Besides becoming The Batman himself, the creators wanted to give some extra light on they’re sides of the story. Such as playable story modes for characters Harley Quinn and Red Hood when you Pre-order with Gamestop. Which mode are you excited for? I can’t wait for both, really do like these characters. I need to have a serious Batman game play marathon with Arkham Asylum, Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and then following up with Arkham Knight.


Videogames: Kingdom Hearts III is available for PRE-ORDER


Kingdom-Hearts-3-5Can you finally believe it?! Kingdom Hearts III is finally available for Pre-Order and release date is for December 31, 2015!! No, not an official release date but that date is just a placeholder date. No official date has been announced yet. Hopefully one will be announced during E3 in a couple weeks. If it is set to release by winter this year, it will be perfect time for a late Christmas gift. Clearly this means the game must be close to finishing, since they’re already accepting pre-orders (Hopefully… fingers crossed). I’ll be setting up my pre-order and wish list to Santa for a PS4 in order to even play the game. Kingdom Hearts III the game is set to possibly have characters and worlds involving Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel. We just have to wait and see for any more updates.

Videogames: Alien Isolation PS4/Xbox One Trailer

9479_render_alienHey Guys! It’s NikkiSiixx bringing you another review for upcoming video game ALIEN ISOLATION! Watch the trailer and get a sneak peek into what the game has in store. And once the trailer of the game is over, you get about a 3 minute mini documentary from the staff and creators of the game. They were really devoted into maintaining the fear and original context of the Ridley Scott’s original classic film in 1979. I personally can’t wait to play this game! That constant worry of the Alien being loose in your space station. This game must be crazy to play. Got word from Godfree (Host of GamerTagRadio Podcast) back on an episode of NikkiJoMazing when we asked which games he was looking forward to and ALIEN was the one. In fact he described how scary the game really is and he was able to play the game exclusively at E3 this year. The game is set to release by SEGA on October 7th 2014 for PS4 and Xbox One.

Videogames: E3 2014 – Microsoft Xbox Announcements

Tuning in today for Microsoft’s presentation on upcoming releases for the XBOX ONE at E3 2014. Even though I personally don’t own an xbox but I do understand the excitement to find out what’s coming up on your counsel. Here were a few announcements I felt were the ones to mention to my readers.  They are Assassin’s Creed UNITY, LIMBO 2 -INSIDE, Tom Clancy’s THE DIVISION, and The Witcher 3 WILD HUNT.

Assassin’s Creed UNITY – Wow what a crazy mind frame to have to really go far in this whole Assassin’s lifestyle. Check out how they were able to get in the fortes and take over. Click link to get a climpse of what we just witnessed live on SPIKETV. CLICK LINK


INSIDE: The creators of LIMBO have created a new game that still has that sense of the game characteristics but its in a new dimension, some more colors, and it still has that eerie scenes. I just love the scenery and the story. You can tell the world around him has been manipulated by some type of government reinforcement. Looks like he’s trying to escape this madness. Will you be able to escape? Video Clip CLICK HERE

TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION: It’s been years since we’ve been infected by an epidemic that was released on BLACK FRIDAY. Crazy graphics never got into Tom Clancy war games usually a Call of Duty girl myself. But just love the action, weapons, way to view weapons, and your team mate is a woman! Exhilarating! VIDEO CLIP CLICK HERE


THE WITCHER 3- WILD HUNT: Never heard of this game before but it really won me over. Considering their by part three, the graphics are intense, the way you’re able to track your prey/victim, you’re on the search to find someone before someone else does. Would you be able to catch the beasts? or get to her before they do? VIDEO CLIP CLICK HERE


Videogames: Official Call of Duty – Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

November 5th Call of Duty releases GHOSTS! The new game gives us more than any other Call of Duty game has offered. You have now character customizations, build your squad, multiplayer, search and rescue, new arsenal, cranked, and my favorite part. Call of Duty’s first female playable character! This is one hell of a game. I’m definitely going to get this game but with the new Playstation 4 system. Can’t wait!