Music Video: Webbz featuring Johnny Brooks – Doing Me

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 7.27.58 PMAfter experiencing a live performance on stage for 305LIVE at A3C this year. Webbz releases he’s music video for DOING ME, featuring Johnny Brooks. DOING ME is a single off of Webbz’ MEDICINAL project which was produced single handily by Young Mcfly. Get The ‘Medicinal‘ EP at MedicinalEP.com, iTunes or Spotify. Directed by @BleuOdin. He was able to grasp Webbz, Johnny Brooks, and Young McFly just chilling, being themselves. He was able to capture them chilling in Young McFly in the studio, walking through the streets in Webbz neighborhood, and catching amazing skylines on the roof with the homies. What an amazing rooftop view, Wow! What a beautiful sunset. The overall sound of DOING ME is catchy, relevant, and is smooth. Johnny Brooks gives it a nice touch with his vocals on the hook, while Young Mcfly gives it the lifeline with the beat. Webbz completes the track with his lyrics and his flow is on point. My favorite verse would have to be the first one. For Everything Webbz, Don’t forget to check out his WEBSITE.

NikkiJoMazing: Season One Episode Eight – YoungMcFly

NikkiSiixx x JojosBlock x Womazing brings you NIKKIJOMAZING a weekly hip-hop show brought to you by these four strong women in the hip-hop community. We bring you an exclusive episode interviewing artist/producer/A&R Valholla Entertainment YoungMcFly ! We discuss previous collaborations with local and mainstream artists, upcoming projects, and we take a listen to what’s in store. Stay tuned every Monday 4PM Eastern. Don’t forget to subscribe on our youtube and follow us on twitter @NikkiJoMazing

AUDIO: Webbz – Make A Way Featuring Cam’ron


On September 11, South Florida Hip-Hop Artist Webbz released his album The Pursuit Of Happiness: A Black Man In AmeriKKKa. One of the tracks from the album MAKE A WAY featuring Cam’ron. Produced by Young McFly! I really like the vibe the track gives off. I find the concept to be so relevant, to anyone who is working hard to support themselves and they’re families. Life in generally is hard but you just gotta keep at it regardless of your lows. Keep Pushing AND MAKE WAY!


New Music: Webbz – Pebble Beach featuring Dashius Clay


Check out the latest track from Webbz PEBBLE BEACH featuring Dashius Clay. Felt like I was slipped some acid and it took me to Pebble Beach. The guys are so descriptive to what goes on at Pebble Beach, it felt like I was there. The beat really help to grasp the feeling. Beat was produced by Young McFly. This release was a great idea to keep the listeners stay tuned until Webbz drops his official release of The Pursuit of Happiness: A Black Man in AmeriKKKa on September 11th.

My eyelids closed
Moving slow with a slurred up speech
I don’t love these Hoes
I aint trickin’ baby girl you gotta earn your seat
The water look purple
Nothing but crystals beneath your feet
I would like to Welcome You All to Pebble Beach.