World of VALORANT E-Sports: Meet VCT EMEA Partner Teams

World of VALORANT E-Sports: Meet VCT EMEA Partner Teams

Welcome to the exciting world of VALORANT e-sports! You may have heard of the exciting fights in the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT). Partner teams added by Riot Games in 2022. These teams have been making waves in the EMEA area (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). In the year 2024, things are still getting more exciting!

World of VALORANT E-Sports: A Quick Review of the VALORANT Ecosystem

Their hybrid company system caused a lot of trouble in the VALORANT scene. Picture stable partner teams going up against each other while tier-two organisations compete to move up. This method not only makes the competitions more intense, but it also gives the winning teams long-term support, security, and chances to make money.

World of VALORANT E-Sports: Gentle Mate’s Rise: A New Competitor Is Coming

To everyone’s surprise, Gentle Mate moved up to the EMEA league for the next two seasons. Fans of VALORANT are excited about this unexpected turn of events. What will Gentle Mate do to change things in 2024?

World of VALORANT E-Sports: The Veterans: The Strongest Teams in EMEA

Here are some of the most important people in the VALORANT EMEA scene:

  1. The Liquid Team

Team Liquid has been a force to be reckoned with since the start of VCT. They known for playing strategically. Will they still be in charge in 2024?

  1. The Fnac

In e-sports, Fnatic is a well-known team that has always done great work. Will they live up to their reputation and win more battles?

  1. Team Health

The VALORANT arena is full of excitement and skill thanks to Team Vitality. Can they beat their rivals in the next season now that they’re a well-known team?

  1. Karmine Corporation

Karmine Corp, a rising star in the world of VALORANT, is ready to show the soldiers what they can do. In 2024, can they make a name for themselves?

  1. GIANTX (Old Name: Giants Gaming)

GIANTX wants to carry on their tradition under a new name. Will the change in brand name help them do better?

  1. Heretics on Team

Fans love Team Heretics because they known for their risky moves. Will the way they do things be what wins them in 2024?

  1. FUT E-Games

People who play FUT Esports known for being quick and agile. Will they be able to keep up the speed and win this season?

  1. The BBL Esports

BBL Esports, a new team on the rise, wants to leave a lasting impact. What will they do that will surprise everyone?

  1. “Novitiate”

Natus Vincere needs to live up to its status as one of the biggest names in e-sports. Will they keep beating out the other companies?

What the future holds for VALORANT EMEA

When the VCT EMEA League starts up again in February, VALORANT fans can look forward to a season full of shocking turns, fierce rivals, and mind-blowing plays. As the world of VALORANT esports changes all the time. Keep an eye on your favourite teams as AGENGACOR fight for power!