[Website Recommendation] ArtistShortcut.com


On the next Website Recommendation we have an upcoming hip-hop site with music promotion, music business, artist development advice and so much more! We have ArtistShortcut.com. Their blog is dedicated in helping out underground hip-hop artist with some insightful blog… Continue Reading


[REACTION] Nikki Reacts to The Walking Dead S7 EP5 – Go Getters

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Here’s where NikkiSiixx records her reaction to the Season Seven of the Walking Dead. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. We have Season Seven Episode Five with “Go Getters”. Like, Comment, & Share *Let me know what you think… Continue Reading


[REACTION] The Flash S3 EP7 – Killer Frost


NikkiSiixx records her reaction to The Flash. If you can’t tell, she’s a fan. Season Three Episode Seven with “Killer Frost”. Like, Comment, & Share *Sorry for the delay hopefully I can get these reactions out before the season comes… Continue Reading


[PROJECT REVIEW] Madison Castle – B.O.A.T.S

madison castle boats

[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA] Making his return to NikkiSiixx.com we have hip-hop socialist Madison Castle with his project titled B.O.A.T.S. Madison Castle was born and raised in Abingdon Virginia. Seeing the bigger picture and his love for creating music he had… Continue Reading


[COMICS] Samurai Shin Issue 2 & New Soundtrack Announcement Trailer


[Comic Book] Samurai Shin Issue #1 is Available Now The creators of Samurai Shin have finally confirmed they’re in the works for Issue #2 with an upcoming soundtrack titled Samurai Shin OST 2. Writer Mikel Miles and illustrator Ivan Earl… Continue Reading


[UNBOXING] NikkiSiixx Opens Up The Pop Dungeon Surprise


On this unboxing video, we have a special surprise from The Pop Dungeon! An exclusive/vintage Funko Pop Online Shop! They sent NikkiSiixx a box with some dope goodies! If you’re building a Funko Collection you gotta hit up The Pop… Continue Reading